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Selasa, 08 April 2014

Bodhi Linux: Most Beautiful Distro for 2014

       Only three words to describe this distro: fast, extremely customizable, and has beautiful Enlightenment Desktop. Yeah, Bodhi linux! Bodhi Linux's is the minimalist ubuntu based distro with Enlightenment(E17) as the default desktop (window manager). The combination of Enlightenment and the core utilities included in a default Bodhi Linux install lead to exceptional speed and low system requirements, while providing a beautiful, useable, and customizable desktop experience. I've tried using GNOME, KDE or XFCE desktops before and I have to tell you, Enlightenment desktop (E17) has been a completely refreshing one. :)

       The minimum requirements to run Bodhi Linux are only: 300+MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, and 2.5GB hard drive space! So,You can run Bodhi Linux smothly even on old PC. Bodhi is based on Ubuntu LTS and it installs with a bare minimum set of packages. Then you make it your own. When you are going to logging into Bodhi Linux first time, there is a prompt that will ask you to choose the theme and the applications you would like to have in your desktop as default.

       The default list of applications in Bodhi Linux include Firefox 4.0 beta 8, Nautilus file browser, Synaptic Package Manager, Network Connections and Network Manager app, LXTerminal, GDebi Package Installer among others. And all of this occupies just around 1.5 GB of disk space.

      This distro developed by Jeff Hoogland and his team. Thank you for making a lovely distro, which had a beautiful and lightweight desktop. So, besides linux mint, I choose Bodhi Linux as Most Beautiful Distro for 2014 :-P 

The current version of Bodhi for your Desktop is version 2.4.0
Visit  to download ISO files (701MB)

Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Speed Up Your Computer’s Performance with 6 Simple Steps

       We are surviving in an easy paced planet and we’re generally searching for the fastest solution to get things done. We barely possess time and energy to await our burger at the neighborhood junk food restaurant, our microwave snacks to pop, usually are not has time and energy to wait around for a slow PC?

       Barring adding even more RAM to your personal computer, you can find 6 actions you can take to increase your computer’s overall performance. Many of these actions will help you to speed up your personal computer, cost-free coz all programs was installed on your PC.

       Step 1, Empty your Recycle Bin! It’s an easy task to do. Right-click on Trash icon on your Desktop, and select “Empty Recycle Bin.” Its is temporary storage for files that have been deleted, but not yet permanently erased from the file system. So, besides spent your disk space, Its also slow down your computer.

       Step 2, Clear cookies and junk on Internet Explorer.
Start your Internet Explorer, Go to Tools, Internet Options. Select “Delete Cookies,” after that on “Delete Files.” In the windows that appears, check “Delete all offline content material” and click Okay. Once that’s carried out, click Okay to close the Internet Options windows, and close your Internet Explorer. Or if you using firefox, go to history tab, clear recent history, click Clear now. Those two are the quickest and simplest one, so you should doing that first.  

       Next on Step 3, we’ll being conducting a Disk Cleanup. To get this done, select: Start, All programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. Chose which partition you want to clean, then click OK. As soon as it finishes analyzing, it’ll provide you with a list of documents to delete. It will already have some documents checked, nevertheless, you can go through and select the files you would like to delete, after that click OK.

       Right now on Step 4, it’s time to execute a disk Defragmentation. What is that? briefly, its re-arrange your file on disk sector. When the file is in order, it will be responsive and makes easy to call when system need it. This is often a long process and that means you should possibly fixed this up throughout a period when you’ve obtained other things heading on. For instance, set it up, after that go view your favorite TV show. 
note: just perform disk defrag once per month
       To begin, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Click on Analyze. If you’re lucky, you will get "You don't need to defragment this volume" call-out, but more than likely, you’ll have to click on “Defragment.” If so, click on it, go do something else and come back in an hour or two.

       Once that’s performed, it’s time run Step 5, spyware scan. A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to get infected with spyware, therefore working periodic scans will be highly recommended. You may use any anti-spyware system you choose. You need to be aware that no one program get rid of everything. To perform it secure, you need to run at least three various programs. You may be surprised with what they discover. You might have spyware running on your PC and not even know it. After the spyware program scans are completed and all that spyware is taken care of, it’s time to run last step.

       The last steps is run anti-virus scan on your system. Hopefully you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer. If not, go to Microsoft website Here, download Microsoft Security Essential. Its free and work great on my computer. Once its installed, update antivirus database and perform Full Scan.

run full scan bro!
proof that MSE kick virus and his gang on my PC :D
       This could take about 20 minutes to a couple hours depending on how many files you have on your hard drive so once again, be patient, set it up, and then watch your favorite movie or do something else. Come back in about an hour.

       Once all steps is complete, Restart your PC and you’ll being amazed at how totally fast it now fells. Almost all of the programs that I explained above is integrated by default with windows. It’s good idea to run these 6 steps at least one time weekly (some Steps can also setup to be run automatically). Using this method, you'll keep your system performing nearly like it did when you first bought it. 

       You also can use System ninja to kick junk files on your system. Take care your system, surely you will be satisfied with the results :-)

Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

Build Your Own PC!

       Making your own computer from scratch is not only fun to do but cheaper as well. You can get to choose the parts you want to on your computer

       Before we explain to you the steps, here are the necessary parts of the computer you need to buy:

•       Processor  Cooler
•       Motherboard memory
•       Graphics Card
•       Hard disk drive
•       CD or DVD Writer
•       Floppy Drive
•       Sound Card
•       Computer Case
•       Power Supply
•       Monitor
•       Keyboard
•       Mouse

Steps in making your own PC:

Step 1
  • This helps set the motherboard in the case. Mount the spacers into the corners and to the proper side holes. Utilize the shield that is included with the motherboard.
  • Now, to set up the processor,   therefore, if you're carrying it out right, it will easily fit.
  • Hold the processor down and close to the lever.
Step 2
  • Mount the processor cooler on top of together the processor. It is almost always labeled “CPU FAN 1”
  • Carefully push the motherboard against the I/O shield.  Do not Usually do not force it.
  • Ensure that your AGP video card is positioned properly.
  • Connect case leads to the pins. These leads are usually labeled.  See which label would go to which group of pins.
Step 3
  • Each supporting 2 devices. If you install 2 IDE devices on a single cable, you should have the primary to be the “master” and another to a function as “slave”
  • This is the same procedure for CD/DVD drives.
  • Floppy controller includes a socket shorter compared to the IDE controllers.
Lastly,  When you have more case coolers, you may even connect them.
Now,    Put in the power cable to the power supply unit.

Tadaa, and your computer is completely assembled.

Want to Buy a New Computer in 2014? Note 3 Important Tips here!

       Thinking to buy an exciting new laptop or PC on 2014? Confused simply by every one of the alternatives accessible to you?
Stressed by the high cost of computers today?

       For many people, investing in a fresh personal computer won't have being since nerve-racking since investing in a fresh automobile. Or are there being since pricey. When you’re similar to folks, and also there is a constrained cover investing in a personal computer, you then will need eighteen, you are the maximum amount of personal computer to your funds as you can.

Here are 3 simple ways anyone can save money when buying a new computer:

1) Shop around for best deal.

       Seems fairly apparent. However lots of people don’t recognize these people don’t require the actual quickest, priciest pc most abundant in “extras”. Actually, if you're currently utilizing an old pc, actually the lowest priced brand new pc would have been a large update. 
       Should you don’t understand a great deal regarding computer systems, you are able to discover a great deal through looking around. Request plenty of queries, evaluate costs, evaluate functions, after that find a very good cost. Store at the nearby consumer electronics shop, to check out the very best offers on the internet. You’ll end up being amazed from how much cash you are able to conserve through looking around!

2) Install your own “extras”

       Many computers you will find in a store have a lot of extra software already installed. While this is convenient, it is not always the best way for you to save money. Also, while many of these extras sound good, you don’t always need them.You can often find better deals by shopping around separately for your own software extras (such as a word processor, anti-virus, popup blocker, spyware removal, games, etc). And some of these you can get for free. 
       So before you buy the “fully loaded” computer, ask yourself if you really need all the extras, then shop around to see if you can buy a scaled down computer – and get the extras yourself for much less!

3) Don’t obtain extended warranty

       Should you be not only a laptop or computer “techie”, your expanded extended auto warranties proposed by your laptop or computer stores generally could be seen as a good suggestion. In fact, who would like to always be frustrated purchasing assistance with a laptop or computer as soon as you obtain the idea. Nevertheless understand that nearly all pcs include a extended warranty, and quite a few laptop or computer troubles will certainly sometimes come about from the outset (while you still have your extended warranty in essence) as well as very much after (while it is more affordable to acquire a whole new laptop or computer). 

       Technological innovation alterations in a short time currently. Consequently look at regardless of whether it’s worthy of your filled price tag in the warranty. Along with, in case you think you may need your warranty, and then inquire to acquire the idea at the low cost. Don't assume all stores will certainly make a deal for the extended warranty, however, many will certainly. Along with no matter whether you acquire your warranty as well as certainly not, be sure to back your data routinely, in the event that!

       Should you have the endless finances, look at on your own fortuitous. Along with if you undertake organization on my pc, be sure to find what exactly you need, even though looking to maintain your price tag along. In just about any price tag, acquiring a thing it doesn't in shape the needs you have can be Nintendo Wii cope.

       Expect you see the following tips valuable, along with satisfied laptop or computer searching!

Happy New Year!

Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

Microsoft Mathematics: Solve Your Complicated Math Problem!

       Microsoft Mathematics is a kind of calculator software, but has more complete feature and the ability for describe solution of any complicated math problem. This software can present solution in all of exact science, step-by-step and very clear. Yes, not only mathematics but also for physics and chemistry. However, a very detailed elaboration only found on mathematical problem.

This program is provided free of charge by Microsoft Corporation and is compatible both 32-bit and 64-bit
operating system.

       Interesting, is'nt it? for you who usual struggling with math problem, I think this software is worth a try. eg for student, It provides a set of mathematical tools that help students get school work done quickly and easily. With Microsoft Mathematics, students can learn to solve equations step-by-step while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus. 

       Whose also should try this software to help their work is the accountant  or architect. Because Microsoft Mathematics includes a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a handheld calculator. Additional math tools for evaluate triangles, convert from one system of units to another, and solve systems of equations.

Download from Microsoft Website Here
Note : Need Netframework 3.5 SP1 to run this software on your windows.
Supported: Win XP SP3 above